Nintendo Switch Priced Higher Than Most Analyst’s Predictions

Nintendo NX

By now we all know that Nintendo’s newest console the Switch will be released on March 3 2017. We also know that it will be priced at $299.99 in the US, and around 29,980 Yen or $260 in Japan.

The stakes are high for Nintendo after its previous console the Wii U tanked incredibly, and failed to replicate the success of its predecessor the Wii .

The Switch is a hybrid console which means that it functions as both a handheld and a home console. Previously codenamed the NX , the Switch resembles a tablet with controllers attached to each side.

There are around 80 games in development including the highly-anticipated Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and an open world Mario game titled Super Mario Odyssey which will be released in the holiday season. However, many people think that the Switch has an extremely weak launch lineup.

Some analyst genuinely believe that this is Nintendo’s last shot at selling a home console after the Wii U proved to be a horrendous flop. It was rapidly outsold by both the PS4 and the Xbox One .

Here’s what Piers Harding – Rolls a gaming analyst at IHS Technology had to say

“This is another watershed moment for the company because the Switch kind of epitomizes the new strategy that the company is trying to put into practice,”


By releasing something that give gamers to play Nintendo titles both at home and on the move, the firm could find a “very lucrative middle ground”, said Ovum analyst Paul Jackson.


While Michael Pachter also believes that the Switch is perhaps priced a bit too high and this could make it a tough sell.

The Switch will be a hit amongst many Nintendo fans , but for others its more than likely to be a second console.

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