Nintendo Switch Priced At 799 Euros By Dutch Retailers

Nintendo NX

Nintendo’s new console is all everyone has been talking about for the past couple of days, and now it appears that we might have a price leak 9 (well sort of).  It appears that the Dutch retailers Bol have priced the Nintendo Switch at 799 Euros. This roughly translates to $870 in the US. The retailers have set this as a pre order price, however they have also stated

“Please note that the page contains preliminary information. Anticipated changes. Also the price is preliminary fictitious”

This is quite surprising given the fact that most analysts have predicted that the console will be priced somewhere around the $299 mark, and that the bundles will be somewhere around the $399 mark. Hence the Dutch retailer’s pre holding price makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, as it effectively means you will be paying nearly triple the amount that you would for a bundle. The news comes via reddit user pubiesalad, and it states that he actually called up the retailer to confirm if the price was indeed correct. The price is for a lack of a better word ridiculous even though it is just a place holder.

Update: Tweak Town also reports that retailer EB Games has listed a pre order price of AUD $999