Nintendo Switch Preorder Price Guaranteed by UK Retailer


This might just be the official price for the Nintendo Switch.

UK based retailer GameSeek is currently taking preorders for the Nintendo Switch offering a guaranteed price of GBP£198.50, equivalent to USD$246.79.

Now here comes the interesting bit as Nintendo are yet to announce any set price for its upcoming portable console which means this UK retailer has either taken a massive risk and spilled the beans or they may just has something more despicable planned out.

According to the GameSeek website, preorder prices are guaranteed, which means in principle that if the price increases after you’ve placed your preorder, you’ll get to pay the lower price instead. Now the cleverly disguised drawback is that if the price decreases, you may be bound to the original listed price. There aren’t any real details about the preorder price guarantee in the company’s terms and conditions.

A Facebook comment on the GameSeek store page for the Switch shows one customer claiming to have spoken to their local GameSeek store. Apparently they were informed that all customers that placed a preorder for the Switch have had their money refunded.

GameSeek are yet to comment on the situation, but we will bring you further updates as the story unfolds.