Nintendo Switch Posts Significantly Better Sales Numbers Than The PS4 In First 26 Weeks Of Sales In Japan

Nintendo Switch


It would be fair to say that at this moment of time the PS4 is quite possibly the most popular console in the world. PS4 as reported by the most recent figures has sold in excess of 63.3 Million units, and it is only a matter of time before it reaches the 100 Million mark.

One console which defied expectations and has seen a meteoric rise in recent months backed by a number of extremely entertaining software is Nintendo Switch. The Switch has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon , and in the most recent NPD July 2017 reports was the best selling console in the US.

Nintendo  has had a long standing love affair  with the Land Of The Rising Sun. With its hardware and software generally performing extremely well in Japan. Same has been the case with Nintendo Switch which has been regularly selling out across Japan. In doing so it has been cementing its position at the top of the sales charts at the expense of the PS4.

You might say that was expected, but another startling statistic has emerged via 2ch. In the figure below they have explained how the two consoles stack up in their first 26 weeks.
















If you sum it all up you will find that the Switch has sold 1,527,962 units in 26 weeks in Japan. While in comparison the PS4 sold 665,760 units. That’s not all it took the PS4 69 weeks to sell 1,523,471 units in Japan.

Which means that the Nintendo Switch is way ahead than the PS4 was in its opening 26 weeks. It also seems like the trend will continue for the foreseeable future as the Switch has a fantastic lineup of software planned.

Whether or not the Nintendo Switch goes on to eclipse the PS4 is a whole another story , however its encouraging for the gaming industry to see the Nintendo Switch succeed beyond our expectations.