Nintendo Switch Owners Report Consoles Being Warped


The recently released Nintendo Switch has been the face of a lot of criticism regarding issues and problems faced by owners who got their hands on it early. It has now also surfaced that users are reporting cases of the console being warped after continuous use. _NSR, a user on reddit, reported that his Switch had been subject to a slight curve from the back after he had been using it plugged in the dock for an extended period of time.

Since then, a lot of other users have also confirmed to have the same problem with their Switch. A plausible theory may be that front of the Switch is cooler compared to the plastic back when it is docked in and that might be causing the issue. The screen of the Switch is turned off in the dock and this results in a temperature difference between the front and the back of the console.

However, this has only been reported by a few users while others have had no such problem with their console. This might be a manufacturing issue with certain manufacturers not unlike the unsynchronized Joy-Cons that were also plaguing certain Switch units.

Users who are fond of constantly switching between handheld and console are not experiencing this issue at all. Yet it is something that Nintendo shouldn’t overlook as a game console is meant to hooked up in one place for long amounts of time.

The Switch’s recent release is obviously the answer to many of these problems as most consoles have been known to have a  rough starting period. Hopefully, the newer units shipped will be less prone to these issues.

In the case of your Switch being bent, the best route is to send it in to Nintendo Customer Support so they can fix it for you. Stay tuned for more on Nintendo Switch!