Nintendo Switch Online Services Will Be Down For Maintenance Twice This Week

Nintendo NX

It’s been nearly a month since the Nintendo Switch hit markets and it has been doing pretty great in terms of sales! It topped the US market for console sales in the month that it was launched outperforming both the PS4 and Xbox One. At the present time, there are not many games available with online elements on the Switch but the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe might be able to change that. The game has many multiplayer aspects and Nintendo are looking forward to beef up their servers before the launch so that players can have a smooth and seamless online experience.

They will be doing exactly that during the two maintenance sessions they have scheduled during this week according to their website. The first session is scheduled for April 17 and will last for two hours starting at 5:00 PM PT and will end at 7:00 PM PT. The second session will be on April 19 and it will start at 6:45 PM PT and end at 8:00 PM PT.

Both of these maintenance breaks are quite short and will be over fairly quickly. The reason for the first break is listed as “online play, rankings etc” and only the Nintendo Switch will be affected so it could mean a lot of different things. The second break also involves the Wii U and the 3DS along with the Switch and is also listed as “online play, rankings etc”.

There were no specific details about the maintenance breaks or what aspects Nintendo is going to cover with this but nonetheless it is being done to ensure that the service remains as smooth as possible. The release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on April 28 will be a nice test for the servers. The service is going to be paid starting later this year. Stay tuned for everything Switch!