Nintendo Switch Will Have VR Eventually Says Tatsumi Kimishima

Nintendo NX


Nintendo Switch has been making waves ever since the beginning of the year , and now it appears that new details are starting to emerge from Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.

First he revealed the price of the Switch online subscription service which is going to be around $17.50-$26.50 in an interview to Nikkei, and now it appears Nintendo might also support VR in the future , as soon as they can figure out how it really works , and whether or not users may have problems with it.

This is big news as it means that Nintendo is well and truly trying to compete with the big boys. We know that PSVR has been a huge success for the PS4 and with rumored VR compatibility for Xbox One Scorpio as well ,  it only made sense for the Switch to have VR capabilities as well.

VR has thus far only supported gimmick games , apart from the obvious exception of Resident Evil 7 , and it will be a perfect platform for Nintendo to invest in seeing as how they have generally been inclined towards a more family friendly approach to gaming.

It could be perfect for games such as 1,2 Switch and based on performance Nintendo can take it forward from there .

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