Nintendo Switch To Include A Touchscreen


The Switch, Nintendo’s upcoming handheld hybrid console, will retain the touchscreen from its predecessors, according to various sources not only does the Switch have touch controls, it also has a multi-touch screen.

That is the feature that sets apart the Nintendo Switch’s reported six-inch, 720-pixel resolution screen from the Wii U and the Nintendo DS screens. The screens those consoles possess are resistive screens that permit just single-touch use, while sources imply the Switch will contain touch functionality similar to most smartphones which may also include multi-finger gesture support.

Nintendo has been trying its best to brand the Switch as a home console first, which means that the tablet-style portable is intended to spend most of its time in the dock that connects it to the TV. That indicates that use of touch support may be restricted when compared to its distinction in Wii U and 3DS games.

According to findings from recent official documents filed by the company over the course of last year alongside a touchscreen the Switch also includes a gyroscope, GPS, compass and motion-tracking capabilities.

In the trailer which unveiled the console, Nintendo’s primary concern was to show how the Nintendo Switch is different from from the current Wii U and 3DS, Which ended up leaving the matter of touchscreen controls a mystery and topping the list of major questions about this device

We can expect to learn a lot more about the Nintendo Switch by mid-January, when Nintendo is likely to unveil more specs and titles at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan.