Nintendo Switch Game VOEZ Becomes The First Portable Mode Only Game For The Console


The game was announced by Famitsu for the Nintendo Switch a few days ago, however the fact  that it cannot be played in TV mode is the reason why the game has become actually newsworthy. The website for the game has been launched just a few hours ago and the game is touchscreen only. This makes a lot of sense since it’s a rhythm game.

What this means is that developers actually have the choice between making the game available on one or both modes.Furthermore this also means that AAA games could potentially completely skip the Switch’s portable mode .  This could also possibly indicate that we may yet , see a Switch version for AAA games, its however a completely separate argument if Nintendo has the processing power to run the said games.

Apparently VOEZ will be a launch title and will cost around 2500 YEN , Its website is in Japanese however a translation of the FAQ sections reveals the details about the game  which are as follows.


Q: Can I play even in TV mode?
A: No. This software can not play in TV mode.
Touch the touch screen in mobile mode to play the game.
Button operation is not available.

Q: What is the supported language?
A: It corresponds to Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean.

Is it possible to play songs recorded by default after purchasing software without additional charge?
A: Yes. After purchase, you can play 116 songs recorded by default.

Q: Do you have an exclusive song for the Nintendo Switch version?
A: Yes. Including “Ascension (xi)” which can be played by default this time, we plan
add songs that can only be played on Nintendo Switch for free updates . (As of March 3, 2017)

So  what do you make about Nintendo Switch’s first ever portable mode only game? let us know by commenting in the comments section below.