Nintendo Switch Exceeds PS2 Sales In Japan For The First Year


Few consoles will ever be as popular as the PS2. The console was an absolute revelation and went on to sell more than 155 Million units worldwide and is the most successful console ever in terms of sales.

Another console which has been in the limelight recently for all the right reasons is Nintendo Switch. The console has been a smashing success and has gone on to sell above 10 Million units in it’s launch year, it’s safe to say Nintendo Switch has defied the expectations of many an analyst.

In the most recent Media creates data it has emerged that Nintendo Switch has sold 269684 units in Japan. Whereas the PS4 sold 50,662 units.

More importantly though the Switch is quite possibly now on it’s way to become the best selling console in Japanese history as it has emerged the sales of the Nintendo Switch are better than the PS2 sales in it’s launch year. Here is a table for comparison.


The Nintendo Switch is having a brilliant year to say the very least , not only is it doing extremely well in Japan but worldwide as well. Most recently we have seen that the consumers are interested in the Switch because of it’s novelty of being a hybrid console which happens to have a fantastic software lineup.

This is something which has allowed the console to flourish and become one of the hottest commodities in the world of gaming.

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