The Nintendo Switch Eshop Is Extremely Convenient For Users



Switch owners get a breath of fresh air when Nintendo announced its Eshop which makes buying games for the Hybrid-Console a whole lot easier.  according to Nintendo Everything the Japanese Eshop now supports PayPal as a payment option , although the payment option is limited to Japan and other regions it will make its way to the rest of the world.

The Switch however being a region free console its easy to make a Japanese Eshop account for the international owners so that they can get titles which are exclusive to Japan like the recent Monster Hunter XX Demo and coupled with the support for PayPal getting your hands on these titles will be relatively simple. Boy talk about convenience.

However  the option to pay from PayPal was already available on Nintendo’s  website when buying games it also stated that Switch PayPal support will be coming to the UK and will also gradually be making its way to other parts of the world.

With the addition of Switch Eshop we have yet to see when the console will get streaming services like Youtube, Netflix etc. along with some other functionalities. although the Online store will soon be getting a free demo Pokken Tournament DX as announced by Nintendo.

On the other hand Switch’s Multiplayer is currently free although it will start its Online Membership Program in 2018,  charging $4/month or $20/year for a subscription.

The Subscription fee for the Switch Online Program is well below the average rates of SONY PS PLUS subscription and Microsoft XBOX LIVE subscription which if you think about it is a huge positive if you are one of those thrifty gamers. ( the consoles expensive as hell anyway , yet you still get relative cheap online services so that’s a plus anyway).