Nintendo Switch Easier To Develop For Than Xbox One; Says Former NBA Playgrounds Dev


NBA Playgrounds hit stores sometime last week on a multitude of platforms that also includes the Nintendo Switch; alongside the PS4, Xbox One and PC of course. Nintendo has been shy with third-party developers in the past but the Nintendo Switch aims to change that and it seems it has worked. A former developer that was working on NBA Playgrounds has shared the fact that the Switch was very easy to work with when compared to the other current-gen consoles.

The game that was initially being developed by Virtual Toys, was picked up and completed later by Saber Interactive after the original studio was shut down during development. SaffronCR on reddit, the developer who worked at Virtual Toys, recently did an AMA and it is there that he revealed details about development. He mentioned how the development of the Switch version of the game was rushed initially and that the team is now working to bring patches for optimization and bug fixes.

When asked whether if the game was hard to work on, SaffronCR replied: “From what I know, the switch version was even less problematic than the xbox one! great news for developers and gamers :D”

The dev commented on to say that Unreal Engine 4, although very helpful on Xbox One, is also harder to use when compared to it’s usage on the PS4. The makers of Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games, said that they are working on this issue to make it better.

This might be a positive step for Nintendo to allow third-party developers to produce more titles for the Switch. Easier development means more third-party titles which in turns results in more incentive to buy a Switch when in the market for a current-gen console. The Switch getting a huge library with ample third-party games would make it a perfect console especially with it’s portable nature. Stay tuned for more on everything Nintendo!