Nintendo Switch : Demand Outweighs Supply As The Console Sold Out Almost Immediately All Over The World


Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, has finally launch today to much hype and excitement. Pre-order sales are already high, and expected Day 1 sales are also expected to follow that pattern. Sales will get a significant boost due to the Switch’s launch games line-up, particularly Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a masterpiece that has critics fawning over it. It is already one of the best reviewed games in video games history, netting a score of 10/10 from IGN and 98 on Metacritic.

But the question remains: will Nintendo be able to keep up with  demand for the Switch, or will retailers once again face a shortage of consoles.

Nintendo isn’t really well-known for keeping up with console demand during launch. Both the Wii and Wii-U suffered hardware shortage issues during launch. But according to Nintendo UK’s general manager Nicolas Wegnez, the Switch’s launch won’t be impacted by any hardware shortage issues. He acknowledged the consoles high demand and strong pre-order sales, but said he expected retailers to have sufficient stock available on Day 1, with more shipments arriving steadily to ensure there would be no shortage of consoles.

Speaking to MCV, he said It’s true pre-orders are very strong, but we still expect Nintendo Switch to be available at some retailers on Day One. We do expect shipments to steadily come. As we all know, this is not a sprint but a marathon, which is why we are so busy preparing strong plans for the months to come following the launch.”

But his words offer little reassurance to the many gamers that haven’t been able to pre-order the Switch due to it being sold out. Although they can still stroll down to any local retailer that will stock the Switch, the fear of demand far outweighing supply still lingers. Especially since Nintendo has been accused in the past of playing  the launch hype game,

However it seems this time around Nintendo is managing expectations quite well , and although at the time of writing this both and are sold out , it appears they will be getting new Switch stock sooner rather than later. The former has not received official confirmation of next stock of delivery , while the latter will have the Red/Neon Blue Switch by Monday 6th March, and the Grey unit by 10th March.

Over in Japan Nintendo Switch’s launch has been expectedly met with much fanfare as hundreds of people lined up to get their hands on the console. One of Japan’s major electronics retailer Yodobashi Camera ran out of Nintendo Switch stock almost instantly , however they have promised that more will be available soon. Have a look at the lines in Japan for Nintendo’s newest console


Nintendo it seems is learning from past mistakes this month they have promised to make 2 million Switch’s available a number which still might not be enough but its a good start nonetheless. It will be interesting to see how the console performs in its second year as this is usually the time where most manufacturing issues are ironed out ,  there is better supply in stores , and a multitude of new content to choose from.

For now it appears that Nintendo has learned from some if not all the mistakes that it made in the past, and hopefully the console will continue being a smash hit well past its first year , something which it’s predecessors arguably failed at.