Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Sold Out At Every Major Retailer


Barely a few days into launch, the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch seems to have already sold out. In a rather predictable move, the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller, which retails for $70, is sold out across major retailers in the US. Major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and even GameStop have listed the controllers as sold out on their websites, although some stores still seem to have limited stock available.

If you’re willing to pay a premium, Pro Controllers can be picked up for around $90-120 from resellers on both Amazon and Walmart. Ebay is also filled with Pro Controllers up for sale, with most selling for around $80 to $100.

The lack of Pro Controllers is not surprising, since pre-orders were hard to come by months before the Switch’s launch. It sold out on Amazon in less than 30 minutes back in January, and the same thing happened when it went up for sale on GameStop.

The Nintendo Switch seems to suffer from the same problem,  with the console selling out at most major retailers. However, true to their promise, Nintendo have sent out additional stock, thereby replenishing stock at some retailers by Friday.


This isn’t the first time a console has sold, since new hardware selling out is a common occurrence. Both the Wii and Wii-U sold out at a record pace, with new shipments coming in slowly. Despite the fact that the Pro Controller is an excellent controller with great battery life (lasting a mind-boggling 40 hours in one charge) and reported PC compatibility, it still seems pretty strange that it sold out this quickly, especially since the Switch ships with two of them.

Our sources have contacted Nintendo to find out when more Pro Controllers are expected to arrive. Nintendo has yet to release any info regarding the next shipment of controllers.