Nintendo Switch Buyers Are Already Facing Hardware Problems

Nintendo NX
The Nintendo Switch launched yesterday amidst a flurry of excitement. The much hyped console
launched with a strong line-up of games, including the critically acclaimed Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
With strong pre-order sales and a promise from Nintendo to keep up with demand, things were looking

However it seems some users are already facing major issues with their launch day consoles.
Several Nintendo Switch users are reporting a variety of issues with their new devices. Most seem to be
related to bricked consoles, with reports of Switch’s with blue and orange ‘screens of death’ across
social media, alongside smaller complaints.
Pictures of Nintendo Switch’s with error screens are surfacing online, posted by irate buyers. A fix for
the orange error screen seems to have been found by some Reddit users: Rebooting the system by
holding down the power button seems to solve the screen problem. But a solution is yet to be found for
the blue screen error, which seems to be either a result of the required day one update or a hardware
defect. Luckily, Nintendo has been quick to replace defective units.
Nintendo Switch
The most persistent and widely reported issue seems to be the dreaded connectivity problem with the
left Joy-Con controller. Nintendo has already acknowledged this problem, saying “We have received
some reports and are looking into it”.The issue  has also been posted on its support site .
they recommend removing or turning off devices that could interfere with the Switch’s Bluetooth
connection to the controllers.
All major hardware launches are plagued with some problems. The Xbox 360, PS3, Wii as well as the
next generation consoles all launched with a variety of hardware related issues, most notable the RROD.
The Switch is no stranger to this, but it seems Nintendo is already hard at work finding solutions to all
these issues.
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