Here Is Why the Nintendo Switch Is Bound To Be A Success


The dust has finally settled and social media and the gaming community alike have had its say on Nintendo’s new console which we now know will be known as the Nintendo Switch. For once though there is genuine excitement, and it actually seems like Nintendo has learned its lesson from the debacle that was the Wii line of gaming consoles. It can be argued that Switch’s predecessor had set the bar pretty low, yet this time around it seems that Nintendo has played its card’s right and Switch actually seems like something which can actually compete with the likes of the PS4 and the Xbox One. The initial reaction to the teaser trailer has been extremely positive, and one cannot help but jump on the Nintendo band wagon, as first impressions suggest that the Nintendo Switch is an ingenious piece of machinery which will revolutionize modern gaming.


Combining All Their Worlds Into One


The switch seems like another attempt to rewrite the rule book, but that is something that we have come to expect from Nintendo. This time around Nintendo Switch has the potential to shake things up come March 2017. One purported reason for that is the fact that Nintendo have been very attached to touchpad functions and have utilized them both in the Wii U and the 3DS in the past, . This time around though there was no sign of the touchpads which was a breath of fresh air. Furthermore the new console will be a hybrid of sorts which can function both as a home console and as a handheld system as well. This is a great move from Nintendo, as the Switch seems to be a combination of the best of all Nintendo worlds. Meaning it combines the gamepad, handheld, and Wii like controllers amongst other things and delivers it in one ingenious package. On paper it seems to be a great idea; however it remains to be seen if the final product will actually mirror the ingenuity of the core concept.



Third Party Support And The Advent Of Established Nintendo Games


The Wii  was at its release a massive success however with time, and the release of the Wii U it sort of felt like it was becoming more of a gimmick. Furthermore the gaming library of these consoles was severely restricted. Hardcore gamers hence were naturally inclined to lean towards the more powerful Xbox One, and PS4 consoles. Not only did these two titles boast impressive specs, they had a massive gaming library as well, and with time the lack of impressive titles saw the Wii U become a novelty.

That however might not be the case with the Switch, as it provides Nintendo the perfect platform for Nintendo to resurrect some of its well-known entities (Metroid Prime anyone??). We also know that we will be seeing our favorite Italian plumber Mario return, and that we will be getting Zelda Breath of the Wild as well. However what’s exciting this time around is the impressive third party support that the Switch seems to boast. I use the word seem, because the Wii U also originally had a really strong third party lineup with Ubisoft releasing both Assassin’s Creed  and Watch Dogs, and EA releasing Call of Duty before pulling support due to poor profits . However this time around it seems the game has indeed changed, Nintendo has had a loyal fan base which has supported it through thick and thin, this time around though it’s the general gaming population which has been astounded by the Switch’s release. We have already heard rumors that Skyrim will also be released for the Switch (I believe they will announce this sooner or later), and it’s more than likely that the console gets mainstream exclusives as well. Bethesda for one has already said that they will think about developing games for Nintendo Switch if it fits in with their visions and philosophy. Hence it does seem that Nintendo’s new console will be getting a lot more than just first party Nintendo IP’s.

Nintendo Switch


It’s More Than Just Hype


Regardless of when we get our hands upon the console, what has been presented so far has been breathtaking, and has managed to excite the gaming world? These are exciting times, and the dawn of a new age as Virtual reality and hybrid consoles will soon be becoming a norm in the near future. The timing could not be more perfect, and Nintendo has done well once again to stick to its guns, and give us something which we could only dream about. They did a fantastic job of keeping the Switch under wraps for so long, and although the concept is in line with most of the leaked reports, there were a few neat surprises like the car bracket and the detachable ‘jo-cons’ being one of them. These are perfect for family outings and long road trips, and further cements Nintendo’s image of a company which incorporates family and fun together.

Nintendo has stepped it up a notch this time around though with it being powered by a custom Tegra processor courtesy of NVIDIA.

The Switch is a firm reminder that Nintendo is still in the console war , and its competitors would do well not to underestimate its capabilities.