Nintendo Switch Another Day Another Achievement



We take a look at the latest potential milestone for Nintendo

New entrants and threat of substitutes are two of the most lethal five forces of Porter’s. No matter how big of a player you are, there are some companies that come in and flood the market with their disruptive innovation.

When we talk about the gaming industry, Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s X box one are names that spring up. However, Nintendo with its Switch is taking the market by storm. The console is making record sales and is offering its consumers the chance to not only play video games on TV but also carry it with them. Nintendo Switch has managed to sell around 14.86 million till last year and expects to sell another 2 million by March 2018.

There is another good news coming for all Nintendo fans out there. Like the online services being offered by Sony and Microsoft, the much awaited feature will now be available on the Nintendo Switch by September 2018. These services will allow gamers to play games like Super Mario Bros 3, Dr. Mario and Balloon Fight online.

Currently there is also supposedly news that features like voice chat in lobbies and SplatNet 2 will be available. The players can not only chat and interact with another but also view statistics, make purchases online and track and compare their performances with their peers.

Nintendo Switch aims to offer different subscription packages. Annual subscription will be around $19.99 with a monthly and three monthly subscription at $3.99 and $7.99 respectively. The rates our competitive in our opinion and may force competitors to revise their rates.

Nintendo offers  It’s a 360 degree experience as now gamers can practically play the games anywhere they want.  This is a major USP that Nintendo holds which may guide them towards the top of the pack .

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