Nintendo Showcase Ends With Super Mario Odyssey And Zelda DLC



Yesterday was an exciting day for gamers all around the world, as E3 drew to an end with Nintendo’s Showcase. Today, the company showed off the latest trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, the latest entry in the Super Mario series. The game continues in the footsteps of the original Super Mario 64, and looks very promising and full of potential.

Super Mario Odyssey, like Super Mario 64, is a sandbox. One of tbe newest features in the game is Marios hat, Cappy, who is now a sentient character. Cappy can be used to transform Mario by throwing him onto vehicles, objects and characters. Some transformations show in the trailer are a Mario tank, a Mario Bullet Bill and a Mario T.Rex. Level design looks great, spanning multiple landscapes like urban cities as well as ice worlds and deserts. They are full of things to explore and interact. The trailer even saw gameplay shifting to a side scrolling Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey will be the biggest game for the Switch since Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and is scheduled for launch on October 27th.

Speaking of Nintendos E3, Nintendo also revealed details of the DLC packs for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The first expansion, titled The Master Trials, will include several additions to the game as well as a game mode called ‘Trial of the Sword’, where players will have to fight waves of enemies. Upon completion of the trial, the players Master Sword will be powered up and will deal double damage.

A new Master Mode will also be added, which increases the difficulty of the game and allows some enemies to fly via flying rafts, as well as new costumes and armor inspired from earlier games in the series.

A teaser for the second expansion pack, titles ‘Champions of the Ballad, was also shown, which will revolve around 4 Champions – Daruk, Revali, Urbosa and Mipha. Not much else is known, but expect details soon.

The first DLC expansion, Master Trials, will be available on June 30th. The second expansion, Champions of the Ballad, is scheduled for launch this holiday season.