Nintendo Has Fixed Switch’s Joy-Con Hardware Issues

Nintendo NX

Nintendo has responded to the apparent problem concerning the Switch’s Joy-Con connection and has laid the blame on its manufacturers.

Reports regarding the Nintendo Switch’s Hardware failure were already reported by a few media outlets prior the consoles launch with players complaining about the left Joy-Con not working while in docked mode.

Initially Nintendo played down the reports claiming that they did not have any “widespread technical problems” with the Switch.

That is until CNET writer Sean Hollister came across the same problem:

He contacted Nintendo to report the issue and soon enough the support agent confirmed that the problem was certainly in the hardware.

Hollister’s Joy-Con was then repaired free of cost and returned within weeks. He reported that he hasn’t faced any problems ever since. He claims that the fix is a piece of black foam attached to the lower right corner of the Joy-Con.

Following a bit of research it turned out that the piece of foam in question prevents the Switch’s Joy-Con from interference to keep other parts from touching.

According to Hollister:

“I even tried removing the foam, and sure enough: The controller stops working properly when it’s not there. Seems like an open-and-shut case,”

He purchased another Joy-Con from Amazon to test whether it works flawlessly without the foam, before further speculation.

“Maybe Nintendo has already modified its manufacturing process, and that the differently labelled Joy-Cons–the Amazon batch–rolling off the assembly line don’t have the de-sync issue,”


For those of you also facing a similar issue with the Switch’s Joy-Con, you can visit Nintendo’s page where you can find a support section tells you what to do incase your Joy-Con stops responding.

Nintendo says that the Joy-Con may face problems if exposed to electronic waves or because of some kind of external physical interference. If you have any problem, Nintendo’s official site is the place for all your troubleshooting  needs.