Nintendo Explain’s Why It Named It’s Hybrid Console Switch

Nintendo NX

Nintendo Switch’s announcement has been met with critical acclaim and there is considerable hype surrounding the console amongst both fans and developers.

The internet has been ablaze with rumors about the Switch, and not a single day passes where we don’t have a rumor regarding Switch Spec’s, and the possible games it might debut, and whether or not it will be backwards compatible like the Xbox amongst other things. Furthermore there has been a general curiosity as to why did Nintendo actually named its console Switch? However that has also been answered in a recent interview with Nintendo Dream.

According to them there are two reasons why the console was named Switch

“We decided that this name would be the best fit for our product for two reasons. It represents one of the defining features of the Switch, the ability to seamlessly ‘switch’ between the TV screen and Switch’s screen, while also embodying the idea of being a ‘switch’ that will flip, and change the way people experience entertainment in their daily lives,”

No doubt the Switch is one of the most unique consoles to come out in ages, and if rumors are to be believed the Switch will also have a GameCube virtual console , which means that there are a ton of classics that might be heading the way of long time Nintendo fans.

The Switch has been gaining considerable attention ever since it has been released , and it will be interesting to see what has Nintendo got in store for us when the console is finally introduced to the general public in March of 2017.

So what do you think about the naming origins of the Switch, and whether or not you wish the console was titled differently? Let us know about your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.