Nintendo Exec On Crossplay: If It’s Right For Gamers, We’re Going To Entertain It.



Much has been made about Crossplay with Sony reportedly refusing to play ball with Microsoft and the others. Firstly Sony’s PS4 was a notable absentee when Microsoft announced Crossplay for Minecraft, and then again when Rocket League Dev Psyonix confirmed Cross Platform Play for its game.

One company which had no such qualms was Nintendo who immediately signed on board, In a recent interview with GamesBeat  Charlie Scibetta of Nintendo Of America was asked that how did they agree to Crossplay with Xbox One in Minecraft so easily? here is what he had to say

“If it’s right for gamers, we’re going to entertain it. If we can make it work, we’re going to do it.”

He went on to say that their priority was that people should have a good time with their friends , even if the said friend games on a different consoles . he continued by giving the example of Rocket League which is a game many people prefer playing with their friends.

“Every game is different. Some games are great for multiplayer, some are better as a single-player experience, some are better in all kinds of situations for all kinds of games. Rocket League works best with cross platform play. Let’s make it happen.”

So while Nintendo has gain plaudits for their willingness to put the gamers before everyone else the jury is still out on Sony and whether they will ever consider Crossplay. Most recently Jim Ryan commented that they were open to the idea and they had no philosophical stance again Crossplay , however it was something that all the stakeholders would have to agree upon.

Although nothing is ever written in stone , I don’t see Sony endorsing Crossplay for Rocket League anytime soon . Hence if you are one of those who have been itching to play Rocket League with your Nintendo and Xbox One friends you might be out of luck.