Nintendo Doubles Nintendo Switch Production For FY18


As per a report that has been published recently, Nintendo intends to double the production  of its newly launched console Nintendo Switch for the next fiscal year of the company. After being in the market for almost twenty days, the establishment seems to be seeing flourishing numbers in their records already.

The report was published by The Wall Street Journal that suggested amendments to the production plans of Nintendo Switch for the fiscal year which ends in March, next year. This means that the increase in manufacturing of the units will take place from the 1st of April, 2018.

This change in plans for the production of Nintendo Switch was made in support of the spiking demand for the console since it has become the bestselling console for Nintendo in USA after being launched for almost half a month. This difference in plan is going to witness 16 million units of the console rather than 8 million units.

The estimate stated in the report, was that it is able to sell 10 million units in the forthcoming fiscal year and by the end of this month, the company expects sales of around 2.5 million units of Nintendo Switch. Until now, around 1.5 million of the console have been sold, globally.

On the other hand, it is essential to notice that this has not been officially verified or announced by Nintendo and at its best is a sound prediction .

With the console doing so well, more and more developers and publishers are looking forward to investing in their franchises for the games to be compatible for Switch. Still it remains to be seen how Switch performs once the initial hype dies down .

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