Nintendo Confirms Super Smash Bros. For Switch, Says It’s Their Best Selling Console Ever In The US

Nintendo NX

The Nintendo Switch has had a fantastic launch, selling out all over the world. Pre-orders sold out months before the consoles actual release, and all major US retailer were out of stock on launch day. Even peripherals for the Switch, namely the Pro Controller, have been sold out across major online retailers and are only available at select stores. So it wasn’t surprising when the Switch became the best selling Nintendo across the US for the first 2 days of its launch, and now Nintendo has confirmed that this trend has continued into the fifth day of its launch in the US.

The news was confirmed by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. While speaking to journalist Katie Linendoll, he said “So we announced the first two days, now we have data for the US five days in. The Switch continues to be the best-selling system we’ve ever had in the United States. And I’ve launched five systems now with Nintendo, and by far this is the most remarkable given the pace of sales, given what’s happening on the software front – obviously  Legend of Zelda – so this is an amazing time for us”.

Referring the critically acclaimed Switch launch title ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘, Reggie added that it was ‘killing it’ in Japan.

Nintendo fans will also be delighted to hear that Super Smash Bros. has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. According to Reggie, the classic series will continue on the next generation console:       “Smash is obviously one of our best-selling franchises. What we say is that the philosophy that Nintendo has from a development standpoint is that for every platform, we want to have at least one (each) of our classic franchises”

Nintendo has yet to provide a release date or a launch time frame for the game.