Nintendo Announces Standalone Switch Docks For Europe


By now there is no arguing that Nintendo’s Switch is selling like hotcakes, it has been performing exceptionally well in the UK and Europe as well , and now it appears that Nintendo will start selling Switch docks separately.However it has so far been only announced for Europe.

You can check out the Tweet below which basically says that the accessory will be available from 23rd June onwards

So what does this mean ? This basically means that now you can make use of multiple television sets , and take your Switch along with you. In many ways Nintendo fans can now truly say that the Switch is a true hybrid console as it now offers immense portability.


However it will be interesting to see how the dock is priced as many predict it to be on the steeper side of things.

It seems these are good times to be a Nintendo fan and recently many analysts have predicted a bright future for the first true hybrid console , here is what one analyst recently said about the sales of the Nintendo Switch

“Yasuo Imanaka at Rakuten Securities’ research division said he expects to see 14 million Switches sold. Other market watchers, too, expect the company to beat the target.”

 With the announcement that Nintendo will now also be selling Switch docks separately I expect these figures will go up even more, as every body will now want to get their hands on a console which you can unplug and take with you anywhere that you want.(well played Nintendo, well Played) The standalone dock will go well with Nintendo’s strategy and you can bet your house on the fact that it will receive a positive reception.
Let us know if you will be getting a standalone dock for your Nintendo Switch , and what do you expect to pay for it by commenting in the comments section below.