Nintendo Switch Units Were Shipped By Plane Due To Overwhelming Demand


Nintendo Switch the first true hybrid console was revealed two months ago , and you would be lucky to get your hands on one. This is due to the fact that Nintendo’s Switch has seen an overwhelming demand , which is a testament to its phenomenal success.

In a recent article published on the Wall Street Journal it was revealed that Nintendo Switch was expected to ship 2 million units in the first month. However Nintendo ended up shipping 2.74 million units in the first month and to keep up with the demand they even made use of airplanes to ship the console. However it must be noted that not all consoles were shipped this way.

The obvious reason being that this would be very costly and items such as these are usually shipped by sea  via a freight container. The report makes a point of the extra cost involved by pointing out that it would cost $ 45 extra per unit if Nintendo ended up shipping all of the units via planes . Hence you can comprehend that that would have meant millions and millions of dollars.

Demand for the Nintendo Switch is still quite high , and it is quite possible that Nintendo does adopt the shipping by plane method yet again to keep up with the burgeoning supply. The method is likely being used to ensure that the consoles arrive speedily and go on to the shelves , as shipment via sea can take a considerable amount of time. Which is a wise decisions as this would mean that more people can get their hands on a Nintendo Switch and enjoy playing Zelda Breath Of The Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe amongst others.

Its great to see Nintendo Switch performing so well in its initial year of release , and it will be interesting to see if the demand for the console keeps up come 2018 . Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.