Here’s What You Need To Know About The Nightwing Movie



DC seems to have recognized that the comics and movie industry are two different markets and should be tackled separately. The upcoming Nightwing movie for instance will emphasis and show a fair bit on Nightwing’s past. While people who have read the comics may know regarding the past of Nightwing, there are many who may get perplexed if that’s not done.

Warner Bros and DC as part of their extended universe would be launching its stand along Nightwing film. The exact details of the project launch however were not mentioned and Geoff Johns explicitly mentioned that that would be done when everything is right.

Dick Grayson or Nightwing was a performer at a circus of his family known as Flying Graysons. Grayson’s parents however were later murdered. Bruce Wayne who shared kind of a similar past took Grayson in and later trained him to be his sidekick, better known as Robin. It was only after Grayson separated from the Batman when he assumed the title of Nightwing.

A reference to Dick Grayson was made in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Batman is seen watching the Robin suit. The movie implied that Robin was killed by Joker. However we feel that things won’t be this simple and a plot twist can be expected.

In one of Batman’s game the Arkham Asylum we have a look at the Arkham Knight who also happens to be another Robin called Jason Todd. While everyone had thought of Todd being killed by the Joker he later comes in as the Arkham Knight. We expect a similar plot twist in the DC extended universe however this time Dick Grayson might assume such a role. The announcement of the Nightwing movie also suggests that things are too intricate as depicted in Batman Vs Superman..

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