Square Enix Wants Script Writers For Another NieR Game



NieR Automata was a huge hit in 2017 and it seems that Square Enix are now looking for possibly another game in the series. They are looking for scenario writers for another NieR project that we know nothing about yet, there are no official announcements or teasers yet. Square Enix has listed several job listings regarding the positions and this was found originally on a NeoGAF thread which linked to their official web page. NieR Japan also has them posted on twitter.

The company behind the project are Business Division 6 (a part of one company which specialize in putting different studios in charge of different titles at a single time) while Business Division 3 are working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Business Division 1 on the Final Fantasy VII Remaster. There is also a rumor about an original NieR remaster in the works apart from this title which is most likely to be a brand new title in the series.

I consulted Yokowo. What are you going to do with Nier from now? This hit is that of a one-off shop. Our peak of season is now, there is no more. But it certainly feels that there are a lot of people waiting for the world of Nier. That said, Yokoo is not God. I am a human. Sometimes I cry, sometimes crush. I wanted to recruit those who helped Mr. Yokowo to sponsor the world of Nier together and decided to start recruiting “NieR-related work scenario staff” this time. It may be a narrow gate, but if you are interested, please apply.”, this is what series producer Yosuke Saito had to say on the web page about the listing.

There are no exact or clear details about what this project is going to be but we will definitely hear more about it as it progresses in development. We can only expect another amazing adventure like NieR Automata. Be sure to stay tuned for more!