NieR Automata Director Wants A PS Vita Successor


After the PS Vita’s lack of success Sony has looked to have given up entirely on making another handheld console and we can hardly blame them looking at the current situation of the market. Nevertheless, Yoko Taro the director of NieR Automata is quite interested in seeing a potential successor to the PS Vita from Sony.

The Japenese director shared his hopes for a PS Vita successor through twitter. He said that while the Nintendo Switch is a welcome addition to the handheld market, he still wants to see a smaller next-generation portable console.

“I want a Vita successor. While I feel a bit relieved since the Switch appeared, I’d like a slightly smaller next-generation portable game machine. I’d like to satisfy the desire that cannot be satisfied by smartphones, that don’t have physical buttons.”

A New PS Vita patent was found on the internet last month which could be a hint towards Sony’s intentions of making a successor to PS Vita. At the same time though it is worth keeping in mind that Sony is a large company and has plenty of patents all of which aren’t often put into production, so that coupled with the original PS Vita’s failure doesn’t leave us too optimistic.

Yet an intriguing little fact is that the patent was discovered just weeks before the Nintendo Switch was released  so it does leave the door open for Sony should they decide to launch a a portable device to rival Nintendo’s console.

Do you agree with Taro’s views and would you like to see a successor to PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments section below.