Nier Automata Total Sales Surpass The One Million Mark


Nier Automata was released on PS4 and PC some time back this year. major media outlets  have rated this game a 9 out of 10 while the gamers around the world are praising this as amongst the best RPG game so far this year.

The post-apocalyptic world of Nier Automata blossoms with its secrets. Its demolished Earth setting is a playground of disorder where chic androids are destroyed to ugly looking midget robots. Its preface of an endless war is at first direct. Be that as it may, if you know anything about the game’s director, Yoko Taro, then you know to expect the unforeseen. That incorporates everything from an unordinary soundtrack saturated with vocals to a fight solidified courageous woman who strolls with the swagger of a supermodel. Automata likewise conveys a first rate and refined battle framework, the level of which alone makes Automata justified even despite the cost of admission.

Square Enix today announced that  developer Platinum Game’s newest entry most recently has surpassed 1 million sales worldwide. These figures include shipment and digital sales overall.

In the light of its success, it makes Microsoft’s decision to cancel Platinum’s Scalebound for Xbox one a rather strange one. However  Microsoft cancelled the game stating that “it’s better for Microsoft gamers”.

Nier Automata is packed with tight controls and incredibly fluid combat which is simple to master for newcomers as well. Players will be switching between ranged attacks and melee in battle with a variety of bosses in this open world RPG game. Rendering at 60 FPS the new open world game comes together beautifully. Players will be able to perform high speed combinations using light and heavy attacks alongside a wide range of arsenal weapons to choose from

The PS4 version launched in North America and Europe on March 7 and March 10, respectively. A PC version of the game released worldwide the following week, on March 17.