NieR:Automata Could Arrive On Nintendo Switch But Only If Square Enix Pays


There is still a possibility that NieR: Automata may arrive on the Nintendo Switch as the developers haven’t ruled it out. The games designer Takihisa Taura says there can be a version of the game for the Nintendo Switch but it hinges on Square Enix and whether they choose to pay PlatinumGames for a Nintendo Switch version.

Takihisa Taura’s statement regarding NieR: Automata Nintendo Switch was:

“From our perspective in PlatinumGames, if Square Enix pays us to do it, we’ll make you a version for the Switch, we’ll make you a version for the Super Nintendo if you want, anything you ask for.”

The prospect of Nier: Automata is an attractive one for Nintendo Switch fans as the title seems ideal for the hybrid console. Unfortunately for now it’s only available on PC and PlayStation 4.

Nintendo Switch users though still have plenty to look forward to with an array of different titles currently in development as well as being scheduled to release soon. The pick amongst those are The Legend Of Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey. However Nintendo Switch may benefit immensely by having a title such as NieR Automata on their platform.

Switch may be a great console but it is still lacks big hitters, and a game such as NieR: Automata may do very well on the console. The game is set to be released on 23rd February 2017


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