Nielsen Indicates PS4 And PS4 Pro Are More Desired Than Its Closest Counterparts


In a recent report Nielsen pointed out  that the  PS4 and PS4 Pro are better known than its closest competition. Their latest study indicates that despite gaming remaining relatively stable yet the overall spending on gaming has increased .

However the most interesting statistic from the entire report is that the PS4 and PS4 Pro are more desirable than their closest counterparts Xbox One Scorpio and Xbox One. Which is a tad bit surprising to say the very least as Microsoft as touted its console as being one of the most powerful in existence.Here is what the report reads.

According to the study, just 14 percent of gamers over the age of 13 have ever even heard of Project Scorpio, while just 27 percent have heard of the PS4 Pro

whereas 15% of people 13 and up want a Playstation 4 Pro, only 13% of people 13 and up want an Xbox One Scorpio. In the classic console area, 21% of 13-and-ups want a Playstation 4, while 17% want an Xbox One and 16% want a Nintendo Switch.

The statistic clearly shows that PS4 and PS4 Pro have the edge over Xbox One and Xbox One Scorpio when it comes to console desirability , with Nintendo Switch coming in at a close third.

The PS has remained a step ahead from Xbox one from the get go , when comparing the two it can be argued that the PS4 had a better resolution along with a stellar lineup of games as well . When it comes to the exclusives PS4 is a clear winner and this is perhaps the reason for the consoles overwhelming dominance and recognition.

For e.g the average consumer will know about the PS4 due to franchises such as God Of War and The Last Of US , whereas they may not be able to associate a noteworthy title with the Xbox brand.


Microsoft has constantly touted Project Scorpio as being superior to the PS4 Pro , however many speculate that a price above $499 would mean that the console would be dead on arrival as the PS4 Pro is priced at $399 and with a better exclusive lineup the laymen will still choose Sony’s PlayStation brand.