Next Xbox Elite Controller To Feature Removable Triggers?


With the current Xbox Elite Controller you can tweak your gaming experience, since you have the option to swap out your joysticks and D-pad, and can also add another four buttons on the underside of the controller in the form of paddles. You can also remap all of the buttons, and toggle between two pre-defined configurations. Through the hair trigger locks you can activate the triggers with the smallest press. As this copyright hints, the next Xbox Elite Controller may just feature fully customizable triggers.


First of all let’s remember that patents don’t always equal products. This could simply be a protective step to stop rivals from copying the same method in the future. It could also just be an internal design that may work better in a theoretical form rather than in reality, whatever the case there’s no harm in speculating.


The copyright was initially filed back in March 2016 but wasn’t revealed until December 15th, 2016. It lists a range of accessories for a controller with detachable triggers.


The copyright explains how trigger accessories would be held in place by magnets, like the ones used on the joystick and D-pad accessories featured with the current Elite Controller. It also demonstrates various types of triggers, including ones that look more like handlebars.


“The present disclosure is directed to a customizable game controller that includes one or more differently configured trigger-type controls that can be swapped out in a tool-free manner.”

“For example, differently configured removable trigger accessories may have different sizes, materials, ranges of motion, spring tensions, pull weights, and/or finger positions. In one example, such a configuration facilitates the use of differently configured removable trigger accessories that are customized for particular types of video games.”


Are you excited by the prospect of fully customizable triggers for the next Xbox Elite controllers? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office