Next Metro Game Leaked

metro 2033

Metro Redux is one of the best and most distinctive first person shooter games on Xbox One now and there is already some news about the next Metro. The games developer 4A Games recently announced it was working on VR titles, which has left Metro fans thinking about when we will see more of the studio’s unbelievable post-apocalyptic shooter series. Apparently a website for the book series the game is adapted from recently leaked a 2017 time frame for the launch of the next Metro game.

Exposed on the book series website, 2017 is apparently the launch year for the subsequent entry in the game series, after the release of the book Metro 2035 in the year 2015.

“2017: The Next Metro Game. It all adds up to something. Where the books end their story, the game will pick it up. An era of great discoveries lies ahead…”

Metro’s protagonist is Artyom alongside his militarized faction of Rangers, who try to survive an apocalyptic event that has transformed the surface of the planet into a completely inhospitable wasteland. Horrifying monsters, supernatural phenomena, and radioactive fallout have devastated the land, with the remaining population locked in conflict over the comparative protection of the Russian subterranean Metro.

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are on hand for the Xbox One in a single bundle known as Metro Redux, having initially launched on Xbox 360. The games have matured extremely well, including some stunning visuals, distinctive environments, and intriguing gameplay available on the console.

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