Next-Gen Consoles To Hit A Combined 105 Million Units Sold As Reported By EA


EA has predicted the combined sales of the PS4 and Xbox One will hit 105 million units sold by the end of this year. Blake Jorgensen, Chief Financial Officer for EA, predicted during their quarterly sales meeting that the current generation consoles will be shipped heavily by the end of 2017.


The CFO believes that the sales are going to be uphill throughout the year and will result in the numbers hitting a whooping 105 million consoles to be shipped before 2017 ends. Combined sales for the previous year (2016) were 79 million units sold for both the PS4 and Xbox One combined.


During this meeting call, it was also noted that the Nintendo Switch is not included in the estimates and any sales regarding that console will be added to the estimate as the Switch is becoming a large part of the current generation console market.


Blake Jorgensen also mentioned the possibility of the PC gaming market declining while mobile gaming to boost throughout the year.


What EA also predicted was that the digital gaming industry will reach a share of 40% of total sales of games for current generation consoles before the end of this year. Right now, the digital industry average for EA is 33% but this is expected to grow significantly.



By more and more games being available digitally, this forecast stands true on many grounds as the popularity for digital games has been increasing since the past few years.



If the digital industry grows at this phenomenal rate, in a few years digital games will dominate the industry as being the number one source of gaming being preferred over physical copies, and many keen eyed observers will tell you that the transition is already in effect.


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