Next Game In The Yakuza Series Is In Development


Toshihiro Nagoshi, Director of the Yakuza series games, has officially confirmed that the next installment is currently in the works right now. This was confirmed during an interview at the Famitsu Awards 2016 event. There is no confirmation about where the game lies in the series as to if it is a sequel,prequel or the possibility of it even being a spin-off. However, Nagoshi expressed the fact that they wanted a new story after the arc conclusion that happened in Yakuza 6.

Nagoshi gave detailed statements about his further plans with the series at the event. He was there to pick up the Excellence Award given to him and his development team of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life by Famitsu magazine.

The first thing that was confirmed was that the protagonist Kazuma Kiryu’s story will not go further than Yakuza 6. The game will be the final chapter for the former series protagonist which now opens up a world of possibilities and new directions for the series to take. Nagoshi said that he wanted to build a “new Yakuza” and to take the series to different directions and will be doing so through the future installments.

Nagoshi also said that the Dragon Engine, the same one developed for Yakuza 6, will be carried forward on to the next games in the series. Developing a second or third title with the same engine will effectively perfect it, says Nagoshi.

Nagoshi hinted at more details to be revealed about the new game before the year’s end. More about the game will probably be revealed as the year progresses.

Yakuza has established itself as a prominent action-adventure series that puts players in the shoes of a mafia member in an open-world filled with opportunities. The story is crafted beautifully and that is what sets the series apart from the rest, along with epicly fun gameplay.

Sega is focused on bringing the game to western audiences by providing ports in english. Yakuza 0 was a prime example of this and the new remake of the original game coming for the PS4 this summer. Stay tuned for more on everything Yakuza!