Does The New Xbox One S Ad Take A Sly Dig At The PSN?

Xbox One S

It seems as if Microsoft is going all gung-ho when it comes to advertising. Recently they were embroiled in a controversy when they aired an ad which was heavily criticized by the community for being misrepresentative, and was for a time taken down due to the negative backlash. However the ad in question is currently back up. This time around though they got Marshawn Lynch in on the act, and I couldn’t help but noticing towards the end of the ad that Microsoft might have just taken a sly dig at the PSN.

The ad in question shows Marshawn relaxing in Chet’s chair and having a good time playing NFL on an Xbox , while Chet continuously tries to get him to leave the chair. However the dig comes right at the end of the ad when the narrator says “Play on the gaming network that won’t let you down”.

Both networks have their fair share of outages, however the PSN outages and performance are below par when compared with XBL. The PSN is also known to be notoriously slow at downloading, and recently the Xbox One update made the downloading speed for XBL a lot faster as well. The said update improved background downloads as well, and many a times I have left my Xbox One on sleep mode or just as it is and the downloads have been a lot faster than the PSN.

I have also tried putting the PS4 on sleep mode to aid in my PSN downloading speed , however I have met with mixed results and more often than not it just gets annoying to wait hours and hours for a game to download from the PSN.

The fact that Microsoft is actively trying its level best yet again to show Xbox One’s comparative advantage to the PS4 , shows that they are taking the PS4 resurgence aided by the Pro seriously . These ads although entertaining can at times backfire, as was the case in the 4K fiasco in the previous one. This time around though Microsoft has played it smart and subtly taken a dig at the PS4 by mentioning the below par PSN, and comparing it with the much superior XBL.

After the games revealed at PSX in early December Microsoft really needs to step up its game , and the ads although entertaining are just not going to cut it ,sure its extremely cheeky pointing out the superiority of the XBL , but what the Xbox really needs is a strong lineup of exclusives to counter those of the PS4 .

You can watch the ad below , and decide for yourself if PSN indeed was the target of Microsoft’s jibe.

Let us know which network is faster the XBL or the PSN by commenting in the comments section below.