New Xbox Live Features Will Make Esports Available To Everybody


The Xbox Live is set to have an even bigger platform for  e-sports given that the rollout of ‘Arena’ functionality is set to start off pretty soon. According to a recent update, a few selective people will be lucky enough to give Arena a test run starting today.

A new service will enable players to enjoy and take part in more e-sports events than ever before on the home console. Although that is not the sole bit of functionality being taken out for a test drive  today, however, it is definitely the one to have the biggest impact. For those who are familiar with preview on Xbox One, the Arena functionality has been officially released for the fighting game, Killer Instinct. The Arena suite of services will be available for several games in the days ahead, however from today the bloody brawler is allowing players to experience and see for themselves what the new e-sports features are all about.

Throughout the preview, participants will be able to participate in daily tournaments on Xbox One, the Xbox app, which is still in beta, and Windows 10. For now, only Preview members in the U.S. are allowed to use this functionality, albeit its planned to  add additional features and more Preview audiences in the coming days. For now, Practice Tournaments will be the only available option to participate in.

As explained in the update, joining the Arena is easy. The only thing the players have to do is register on the “Tournament” tab in the Killer Instinct Game Hub and follow the instructions to compete. The ultimate aim will be to make e-sports “more accessible for gamers everywhere, regardless of skill level,” and we can probably all agree to that. Giving them a chance to train and level up their skills is what all of us want, right? What do you make of this development? Do you think it’s any good? Let us know about your thoughts and views in the comments section below.