A New Shadowrun Game Might Make It’s Way To Xbox One



Shadowrun is a series that is loved by many , the cyberpunk fantasy saga first made its way onto TV Screens in 1993, ever since then it has attained the status of somewhat a cult classic.

While Microsoft holds the rights to the Shadowrun franchise , they have not been planning on working on the intellectual property that is until now. Daniel Connery and the DragonPunk Team have been trying to bring the cult classic on next gen consoles. For those of you who have no idea what Shadowrun is all about. It’s a mixture of Steampunk and Magic. For the younger generation , think of it as the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 , but with myths and magic a part and parcel of the game and story.

Most recently in an interview with theegg.net Daniel Connery talked about how he had pitched an idea to Microsoft about a new Shadowrun game which would in many ways would be a fresh new take , and not a mere remake of the original games.

Currently the proposal for the game is under review by Microsoft , and we have to wait before we find out whether the concept does indeed become a reality in the near future.

It seems that he has managed to create enough awareness , and judging by the initial reactions to the news a new Shadowrun game is something that the community does want to see. Although its still early days and there is still a long way to go , I feel that the campaign is at the moment making just the right amount of noise , to be heard by the higher- ups.

If the title does go into development Microsoft will technically act as a publisher for the game , lets hope it does get the green light and we get to see a new Shadowrun head our way at the earliest.