New PS4 Pro Trailer Talks About 4k Resolution Games

PS4 Pro

The new PS4 Pro trailer that has been launched includes a list of games that are going to be released for 4k resolution

Just in by Sony; a new PS4 Pro trailer that includes all the awesome 4k games which the PS fans are going to get to play in the 4k resolution just as they arrive. The list of the games includes Gran Turismo Sport, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and MLB The Show 17.

Since we know that only two of the above mentioned games have been released, the other ones are yet to be released. This means that they are going to be amazing when they are launched for PS4 and PS4 Pro and since Sony is t, the easing us with the Pro these days, we’re hoping for something spectacular.

On the contrary, the new trailer of Playstation Pro 4 comprised of a warning sign in the form of an asterick; that if the real graphics that you would be seeing on the PS4 Pro relied on the actual hardware. So, if you own a PS4 and not a PS4 Pro then the game won’t be as good as they’d normally be.

Let’s not forget the fact that if you do not own a PS4 Pro then irrespective of that, it mostly depends on how it will look on the sort of TV screen you has. Since it is still going to look awesome in 1080p, it’s going to be even better on 4k resolution. Check out the trailer here:

Since the new PS4 Pro trailer does actually makes people awestruck, several fans of Gran Turismo and God of War are likely to be thinking about the release date of the two games.

Since there is no confirm or official release date for either of them, E3 2017 is our light at the end of the tunnel because with it happening in a few weeks, perhaps PlayStation is going to let us know in its conference at the event.