New PS4 Games Announcement Teased By Sony At Paris Games Week



Paris Games Week is right around the corner and it appears Sony has been teasing its fans with new PS4 games announcements which are apparently going to be announced during the conference.

Here’s the statement in question which was made on the PlayStation official Blog . With a special emphasis on the spectacular new games part.

On 30th October, starting at 3.00pm GMT/4.00pm CET, PlayStation Live From Paris Games Week will kick off with a slew of updates and announcements before moving straight into the Paris Games Week 2017 Media Showcase, where you’ll get a look at some spectacular new games coming to PS4 and PS VR.

Notice how Sony suggests that the announcement will be regarding new PS4 games. What these games are though is anybody’s guess. They may be a bunch of Indie titles or a  couple of full fledged AAA Games, at this point though we can only speculate.

One game though which if announced will definitely break the Internet is Bloodborne 2, however I believe “IF” its announced its likely going to be at PlayStation Experience. For now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that a sequel to Bloodborne could indeed be on the cards, and that it just isn’t one of those rumors which does not pan out.

It would be hard to argue with the fact that Sony exclusives have been a touch above the rest in recent years and the trend is seemingly set to continue with the upcoming release of God of War, The Last Of Us 2 and Days Gone. Hence when Sony hints at an announcement for new PS4 games the internet and the gaming community is bound to stand up and take notice.

Let us know which PS4 game are you hoping is announced in the near future by commenting in the comments section below.