New Need For Speed Game Coming in 2018


Need For Speed is perhaps one of the greatest racing franchises of all times. perhaps its best known installment’s are the Underground titles which appealed to both casual as well as serious gamers. Need for speed revolutionized the racing genre as for the first time a racing game had a definitive story , and wasn’t just about getting from start to finish.

Now it seems we may be getting a new game in 2018.As during a earnings call today EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson talked about the release of the new NFS title amongst other things. Here is what he had to say.

We’re also excited to have a new Need for Speed title launching in FY 2018.

We have given the game an extended development cycle to focus on innovation, and the Need for Speed team is pushing the boundaries of action driving with what we believe is the most exciting and best looking Need for Speed game we’ve ever produced.

previous entries in the Need For Speed franchise received a lukewarm response at best , and it will be interesting to see what the new title has in store for us. One of the main reasons why underground and to a certain extent Carbon were such a success was due to the fact that the game’s had a really solid in game story going on for them, and it also meshed well with the gameplay.

I remember playing those titles during my teenage years and the main selling point was the idea of being a sort of an all action driving stuntman, and living out your fantasies through a videogame. Recent editions have foregone this formula and this is what has led to the decline of the franchise.

So do you believe that the new Need For Speed game will go back to its roots or will it be another dud of a game? let us know by commenting in the comments section below.