New Last Of Us 2 Images Ignite Speculation Towards The Fate Of Joel

The Last Of US Part 2

If you’re bummed out and in need of some good news we’ve got you covered, we finally know that The Last of Us Part 2 is happening with Ashley Johnson returning to her role as Ellie. 

Developer Naughty Dog has teased us with  a few backstage shots of the actress back in the mo-cap studio working her magic. While it’s wonderful to know that Ellie is set to return to our lives, where on earth is Troy Baker’s Joel?

We can clearly see Ashley in the studio.

Still no sign of Troy Baker, while it’s nice to see Ashley, The Last of Us was very much based around the great duo of Joel and Ellie.

Baker’s absence in these shots is only fueling rumors that something terrible may have happened to Joel between the first game and the sequel.

The recent reveal trailer teased us with a glimpse of a hoarse voiced man who refers to Ellie as ‘kiddo’, most have assumed it to be Joel in his physical form, Although some fans speculate there might be something else going on.

There are also rumors floating around that the sequel is said to take place in the City of Seattle , and mankind is at the verge of collapse, and humanity is almost at the brink of extinction. Its a guarantee that Troy Baker will be returning to the sequel as the voice of Joel , however it will be interesting to see if whether Joel is alive and kicking or has he indeed met his maker? here is a shot with both Troy and Ashley together in the Studio.


To summarize Joel may have met his demise (possibly at the hands of the Fireflies), Driving Ellie to the hateful vengeance seeking quest she’s on , Someone definitely seemed to piss her off as she seems angry in the trailer, saying she’ll ‘kill them all’.

Do you guys have any theories or predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments section below.