New God of War Trailer Shows Father-Son Combo In Action



Paris Games Week brought us a new God of War trailer and this one showed off a lot of coordination between Kratos and his son! The gameplay trailer was just released at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference.

The trailer looked at both the father and son on one of their adventures but the uncanny thing was that the combat involved in the trailer really focused on Atreus getting in on the action. He seemed to know quite a bit about the dangers around him in the trailer and it seems that the game will focus on their bond in-combat too as they learn to fight side-by-side. The trailer delves more into the combat aspect of the game and it is something that we have seen very rarely from God Of War so far. It shows of the unique bond between a father and his son as the come together and unite through blood and grit. The trailer also shows of how Kratos and Atreus will  be taking on foes as a unit.

This trailer seems to pretty much confirm what Corey Barlog alluded to earlier that the players will have direct command over Atreus , and the games combat trailer also seems to confirm it as well.

Check out the amazing combat trailer down below

God of War was first revealed at E3 2016 and it now has a release (not exactly a date yet) period which is “Early 2018”. We will surely get a definite release date soon as the year comes to an end, my guess is that the release date is going to be revealed at PSX along with a lot of other surprises. I am hoping for a Bloodborne 2 release so fingers crossed!!

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