New God Of War Trailer Reveals More About Atreus

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God of War is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated games of 2017. Recently a new God of War trailer was released which is titled “A Call From the Wilds at PSX” and serves as a guided tour to the promotional art that we initially saw at PSX.

The new God of War trailer provides a unique insight into Atreus’s backstory and his unique skills such as his telepathic ability to communicate with animals amongst other things. This very ability leads Atreus into the forest after he hears a doe’s cry for help. He assists the doe in it’s final hours by calming it with his voice, but in doing so he loses his way and gets lost in the forest.

He then notices a pool of blood and follows the trail to find a hunter slaughtered by two Draugr’s, and in an effort to protect himself he engages in battle with them. It is during the fight that Atreus is found by his father Kratos , who as you would imagine had no problem disposing of the Norse zombies (Draugr) . Meanwhile Atreus loses consciousness from a wound inflicted during the fight and one of the last things he sees before passing out is a fleeting glimpse of his father.

The video also shows us physical versions of the main characters leather gear and fur armor. It also shows us the in-game weapons such as Kratos’s axe Leviathan, Atreus’s bow and arrows amongst other things.

Now it may be to early to say this, but I believe that the new God of War will be an emotional roller coaster ride much like any other PS4 game with an amazing plot and story which revolves around the central protagonist.

If you haven’t watched the trailer already you can do so by clicking on the video below.