New Dragon Age Game Will Be Story And Character Focused



Bioware had a rather disappointing 2017. Its Mass Effect Andromeda was rated as one of the most disappointing games of 2017. The company managed to create quite the hype for the game but the product did not live up to expectation as fans. The game was criticized for bad animation and disappointing story telling amongst other things.

Bioware now intends to redeem its reputation by announcing new titles that are likely to take the audience’s breath away. One such title is Anthem which is more often than not compared to Destiny, however in my opinion it tends to offer a bit morethat Destiny ever could.

There is also talk about a new Dragon Age game. There have been rumors galore about a New Dragon Age game coming out in the near future and most recently Casey Hudson of Bioware took to twitter to further fuel the speculation.

The new game is likely to develop story and characters. Casey Hudson of Bioware said that “I think you’ll be relieved to see what the team is working on.  There was a recent article by Kotaku where it was mentioned that the game was under pressure over incorporating more articles on it. Casey’s comment came following this article.

Hudson however failed to shed more light on the exact details of the live elements that were scheduled to be included. Hudson exclaimed that its too early to talk on the details and highlighted the main reason for adding the live elements is to extend storytelling following the main story.

With Bioware all set to potentially delay Anthem for 2019, one has to wonder how long the fans will have to wait for a new Dragon Age game to be released.

I believe that it will be some time and we will see a new entry in the Dragon Age franchise somewhere around late 2019.