New Battlefield Game Set To Come Out In 2018



Yesterday, in an EA investor call, it was unveiled that a new game under the name of Battlefield is going to be launched . This means that two years after Battlefield 1 came out a new entry and a potential sequel will be making its way to us. As of yet, there are no specifics out about this but we all seem to be very sure that it will not be another WWI game. Perhaps there is going to be more information about the new game soon.

One of the most successful games for EA is Battlefield 1. Being released in a better state than Battlefield 4, last year made the game receive a lot of negative feedback related to bugs and unstable multiplayer. But, similar to COD, the game has to keep being re-released in order to refresh things every now and then. Although, Battlefield 1 was a success, DICE is not going to make it again. As the game might maybe be set in WWII or more towards the modern day, DICE may actually come up with a game as good as Battlefield 1.

Another possibility is that the new Battlefield game is going to be a latest version of Bad Company, since Bad Company 2 was a very popular game of Battlefield in current memory. As there have not been many leaks about this third Bad Company game, it may probably be a better change for most multiplayer concentrated titles.

DICE might even return to the 2142 series; a very popular game back in its own day. Despite what happens, the news is that a new Battlefield game is on its way and is going to come out in 2018 and later this year or earlier next year is when we will get more info on it. Till then, fingers crossed!

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