New Adventures on Google VR Platform


Google just recently presented us with their new ideas at “Made by Google”. The futuristic new “Daydream mobile VR platform” was one of the devices in the limelight. Alongside that, they also teased an app exclusively for day dream for Warner Brother’s new film in the “Harry Potter Universe”. “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” is an interactive playable app which will be developed for the VR experience having the Daydream controller working as a wand for the game.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Pretending to be “Harry Potter” and experiencing the whole lot with a wand. The daydream controller functions similarly to “PlayStation Move Controller” and “Nintendo Wii” with a few functional buttons on it.

Google’s Daydream and controller is a major duplication of Samsung and Oculus Gear VR. Google’s framework utilizes snazzier outline than the two – accompanied by a controller.

Daydream view headset, quickly drenches you into the world of VR. The headset is light, and doesn’t exactly close the world out like the other VR devices tend to do. Surprisingly, the pictures on the smart phones are sharp and appealing.

Google has made an admirable job in breaking many barriers that have plagued our current VR. Daydream View is much lighter than Samsung’s headset, and it’s much littler as well. There isn’t any fitting you need to stick your telephone onto, or uncommon confining you need to set it in. You simply drop the smart phone in to the extraordinary framework built in the headset, and it combines consequently by means of NFC. The impact is instant and smooth. It’s an appreciated alleviation from the bugs that occasionally appear with Gear VR.

Coming back to the game, set in the awesome wizarding universe of JK Rowling’s books, players will have the capacity to cast spells with their in amusement wands utilizing the headset’s new controller. The diversion puts you as an adventurer, seeking through Newt Scamander’s mysterious portfolio.

Close by throwing spells, the controller permits players to communicate with both otherworldly animals and items in the 360 degree setting.

Different amusements affirmed for Google’s Daydream incorporate Gunjack 2, set in the realm of EVE Online, and in addition ‘Need for Speed’: No Limits.