Netflix’s The Punisher Introducing A Comic Book Favorite

The Punisher Microchip

While Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 was phenomenal, the most outstanding aspect of this Season was the portrayal of ‘Frank Castle aka The Punisher’, played by actor Jon Bernthal. The character was extremely successful on the show, and so immensely popular amongst fans that The Punisher was soon announced as a separate solo series on Netflix, a spin off from Daredevil. It was reported recently by MCU Exchange that Marvel had started casting for the show, and news emerged that Marvel was out in search for an actor to play a major comic book favorite, David ‘Microchip’ Lieberman. MCU Exchange even put up an audition script of a lengthy conversion between The Punisher and Microchip. (Read the full script here).

Also known as ‘Micro’, the character is an ally of Frank Castle, and a major part of his plans. He is basically a weapons and tech expert, and an expert hacker. He manages Castle’s finances, trains him for the skillset he requires for his personal war, and also obtains ammunition for him. Not only is he a vital ally, he is also the only thing close to a friend that Frank Castle has since he always keeps him in check. However, in the comics the two have a falling out over a disagreement regarding The Punisher’s extreme methods. Thus, it’s unclear for now how involved Microchip will be on the show with Frank Castle, though it is likely that the two will join hands given their history in the comics, and sharing a common enemy in Wilson Fisk.

With no release date set for The Punisher’s solo Netflix series, and with casting still underway, fans will have to wait quiet a while before there’s any news regarding development on Microchip’s role. Speculations are bound to be on the rise as we wait to see The Punisher and Microchip together on screen for the first time. Are you excited for The Punisher’s premiere? Is the addition of Microchip by Marvel a good decision? Let us know about your views in the comments section below.