Netlfix’s Punisher Release Date Has Been Pushed Back Amidst The Las Vegas Shooting



The release date for Netflix’s Punisher has been pushed back post the mass shoot out in Las Vegas. The mass shooting in Las Vegas was a horrendous event leaving 58 dead and 500 injured. Marvel and Netflix, decided to stand in solidarity with the victims by postponing the release date.

In an industry where competition is stiff, such acts are necessary to stay on  top. Public relations are something that the film and TV industry may ignore at times. Adhering to the conventional wisdom at times can reap dividends for companies. Marvel not only gave it self more time to the launch but also tapped the soft corners of the heart for many of its fans. From a PR view releasing a series that is bound  involve a lot of shootouts would have been rather insensitive and hence postponing the release of the series is the right decision.

The Punisher played by Frank Castle is  different to the Marvel TV portfolio. The entertainment company is making sure that the audience gets to see the best and flawless version when it comes on screen. The show is an R rated action packed journey that transgresses the conventional wisdom of TV shows. Due to the graphic nature of the TV show it also doesn’t make sense to launch the show, one week after an event that’s reminiscent to the show. It could also lead to objection among the critics.

Marvel was planning to do something huge for the series and the delay in conjunction with the rumors are likely to increase the anticipation level of the audience. Netflix’s Punisher series  was originally supposed to be launched in October and November. But with the recent shootings, the release date is expected to be later this year.

Our prayers are with the family and friends who lost loved one’s during the Las vegas shooting.