Why Netflix’s Death Note Trailer Looks Like A Let Down


Netflix just released the latest trailer of the live action version of the Death Note. The trailer revealed some of the main actors including Light Turner, L, Misa Misa and the death God, Ryuk. Netflix through its trailer also gave slight hints about the plot of the highly anticipated series.

The Death Note is a tool that is used by death Gods to take the lives of humans. In the animated series however, one of the death God named Ryuk gets bored of his daily routine and drops the diary in the human realm for fun. The diary is picked by a kid named Light who goes on a killing spree and brings his own form of justice in the world.

The Netflix live action version is set to follow the same story lines however we might see some differences in terms of character development. For instance, Light in the animated series seemed much cooler and intelligent when compared to his Netflix counterpart. In the animated series, the Light we saw was intimidating, clever and with a strong personality. However the one depicted in this series seems a bit of a loser.

Similarly, L the detective who is working on the case of the sudden deaths doesn’t looks as sharp as the animated version. Although he sits like the animated version, he sounds more excited and is seen wearing a hood. A hood doesn’t seem fit as a disguise for a detective who seems to keep himself hidden from the world.

Another thing that seems like a let-down is the Light and Misa Misa relationship. From the trailer, it seems that Light might be working with Misa Misa with pure intentions. On the contrary the animated version had a much darker plot where Light was just using Misa as a Pawn. Light in this movie seems too innocent to adapt a personality filled with deceit and deception.